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    Title: Where should one recite wudhu dua?

    Question: If we are doing wudhu in the washroom of office with attached toilet, then after completion of wudhu, can we read wudhu dua inside the washroom (in heart) or the dua should also be read outside? If I wipe (wudhu water) of face, hands with tissue paper and then read dua, can it be done this way or dua to be read before wiping wudhu water (Aaza-e- wudhu khushk hone se pahle)? The second way I do, is, I do complete wudhu, take tissue papers, go outside of washroom and read dua of completion of wudhu and then wipe with tissue paper. My friend who is a Shafi’i, with whom I am offering salah with jamat, wipes with tissue paper and then after wiping washes legs. Is this ok? Should the parts of wudhu be wet till last?

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    Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !

    (Fatwa: 4/47/L=2/1438)


    (1) There is no harm in reading the dua by heart. And if the toilet is at some distance and the impurity is not visible then as per some Ulama there is no harm in reading the dua aloud.

    قال فى الشامى: قوله الا حال انكشاف الظاهر أن المراد أنه يسمي قبل رفع ثيابه إن كان فى غير المكان المعد لقضاء الحاجة ، والا فقبل دخوله ، فلو نسى فيها سمى بقلبه، ولا يحرك لسانه تعظيماً لاسم الله تعالى . (شامى: 1/227)

    (2) It is better that the dua is read immediately after making wudhu before the washed parts become dry. However, if it is such a place where it is not better to read the dua loudly then it is also allowable to read it after leaving that place.

    قال فى الشامى: لكن قال فى الحلية: ان الوارد فى السنة بعده متصلا بما تقدم من ذكر الشهادتين كما هو فى رواية الترمذى . (شامى: 1/253)

    (3) ‘Wila’ i.e. doing it without a break before drying of one part is sunnah in wudhu so your practice is correct.

    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best

    Darul Ifta,

    Darul Uloom Deoband, India