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    Title: Is PF Halal or Haram

    Question: There is an amount of PF(Provident Fund) in all kind of companies i.e, private/government is deducted from the salary of employees forced fully as we are bound to get that deduction and later on when we require this amount then we a double amount of that with an increment which we don't know what type of that because generally we don't get any statement of that. So I would like to know that what is the consideration of this thing in the light of Holy Quran Majeed & Holy Hadith Shareef, whether we can accept it as Halal or reject it as Haram.Waiting for your answer to implement.

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    Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !

    (Fatwa: 1084/915/B=1432) The provident fund that the employees receive with double amount is a gift from the company or the government that is given to an employee after he is retired with good performance. It is not interest as per the Shariah. It is right to take this amount with extra amount and one can spend it in all his needs and other good deeds. Do not reject it, this amount is not haram.

    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best

    Darul Ifta,

    Darul Uloom Deoband, India