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    Question: I have 2 questions for which I would need an answer regarding performing of hajj. (1) What is the legal age of a mehram for performing hajj? One of my aunts who is a widow want to perform hajj. She has a son who is around 10. Can she perform hajj with him as a mehram? (2) Me and my wife want to perform hajj and have the means to perform hajj. But I have a daughter of 1.5 years and no one to look after. Does Islam still make it to perform hajj right away or should I wait for some time. Please reply at the earliest.

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    Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !

    (Fatwa: 1006/1073/N=1433) (1) It is necessary that the age of mahram is 12 complete year as per lunar calendar. It is not right to go for Hajj with a mahram or husband who is below 12 years: قال فى الدر (مع الرد كتاب الحج 3:464): مع زوج أو محرم ...... بالغ قيد لهما كما فى النهر بحثا عاقل والمراهق كبالغ جوهرة اهـ وفي رد المحتار (4:112): وأقله – أي: أقل سن المراهقة- للأنثى تسع وللذكر اثنا عشر اهـ . (2) She cannot go. It is not right as per the Shariah. (Above mentioned reference) (3) If there is none to look after your daughter of one and a half year old then it is lawful for your wife to make delay in hajj but it is not lawful for you to delay in hajj as the daughter can live with her mother without you. And it is not fardh or wajib as per the Shariah to take wife with you. Hence it is not lawful to make delay in hajj merely with the purpose of taking wife with you. قال في إعلاء السنن (10:7): عن إبي أمامة مرفوعاً : من لم يحبسه مرض أو حاجة ظاهرة أو مشقة ظاهرة أو سلطان جائر فلم يحج فليمت إن شاء يهوديا وإن شاء نصرانيا أخرجه سعيد بن منصور في سننه وأحمد وأبو يعلى والبيهقي ..... اهـ وفى الشرح: قوله "عن أبي أمامة الخ" قلت : فيه دلالة على أن التاخير فى الحج لأجل المرض ....... أو لأجل الحاجة الظاهرة – كحضانة الولد الصغير المحتاج إليه ... لا يوجب الوعيد اهـ

    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best

    Darul Ifta,

    Darul Uloom Deoband, India