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    Question: I have a more than one year old daughter, she used to scream a lot in the daytime, sometimes stop breathing for a long time and get scared, cries often in sleep. I consulted doctor also he told that he is having Anaemia problem. And whenever we go outside she used to be effected by Nazar. Could you please tell me the supplication/Dua which may help her to come out of this.

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    Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !

    (Fatwa: 845/834/N=10/1436) Say the following words three times at least in 24 hours taking her into your lap or near her loudly. In-shaAllah she shall go under the protection of Allah and shall be protected against the evil eyes. اعيذك بكلمات الله التامة من كل شيطان وهامة و من كل عين لامة . May Allah give your daughter health and Shifa and protect her from all evils! Amen!

    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best

    Darul Ifta,

    Darul Uloom Deoband, India