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    Title: Ask for beauty products

    Question: I want to ask that a hijabi girl (who strictly follows hijab and does not go in front of any non-mahram) use or do these things: (1) Wax legs and hands (after marriage and before marriage or for husband)? (2) Use razor for shaving under arms and vagina? (I heard that razor is haram for women. Is that right)? (3) Use lipstick (for husband)? (4) Do bleach on face (if facial hair shows much more on face)? (5) Clean upper lips from threads or wax? (6) Do face wax? (7) Can use eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and lip liner (for husband)? (8) Use kajal (any brand, like lakme, lorial, blue heaven etc)?

    Answer ID: 50207Posted on: Sep 1, 2020

    Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !

    (Fatwa: 1179/1188/N=09/1435) (1) A woman may wax her hands and legs in order to remove small hair for her husband. It is lawful. However it is not lawful to remove it for strange men or without a need. قال في رد المحتار (9:536 ط مكتبة زكريا ديوبند): قوله: والنامصة" ........ولعله محمول على ما إذا فعلته لتتزين لاأجانب وإلا فلو في وجهها شعر ينفر زوجها عنها بسببه ففي تحريم إزالته بعد لأن النزينة للنساء مطلوبة للتحسين إلا أن يحمل على مالا ضروره إليه لما في نتفه بالمنماص من الإيذاء الخ". (2) It is lawful for women to use razor to remove the hair of arm and pubic hair, it is not haram. However the use of hair remover cream or soap is better than razor. "وفى الأشباه: والسنة في عانة المرآة النتف ، قوله: " و تنظيف بدنه" بنحو إزالة الشعر ويجوز فيه الحلق والنتف أولى (شامى 9:583). (3) Yes, the woman may apply lipstick for her husband. It is lawful. However, if the lipstick has layer and stops water to reach the skin of the lips then wudhu and ghusl shall not be valid without removing it. Hence the women should not use such lipsticks during the period of their purity. Lipsticks about which it is proved by research that it contains any haram ingredient should also be avoided. وأما ما تزینت به المرأة لزوجها من تحمير الأيدي أو الشفاه أو العارضين بما لا يلتبس بأصل الخلقة فإنه ليس داخلا فى النهي عند جمهور العلماء (تكملة فتح الملهم 4: 169 مطبوعه دار احياء التراث العربى بيروت). (4) A woman may do bleach on her face for her husband. It is not lawful to bleach for strange person or with an intention to deceive. (Ap Ke Masail Aur Un Ka Hal Jadid Mukhrij 8:331) وانظر ما مر عن الرد فى الجواب عن السؤال الأول . (5) A woman may clean up upper lips from threads or wax; it is lawful for husband, not for strange persons. كذا فى الرد (9:536) (6) A woman may do face wax for her husband provided those hair are unnatural and look ugly. Thus it also would not be lawful to make the eyebrow thin out of fashion and it shall also not be lawful if the husband likes it, Hadith forbids it. عن عبدالله بن مسعود رضى الله قال: لعن الله الواشمات والمستوشمات والنامصات والمتنمصات والمتفلجات للحسن المغيرات خلق الله الحديث (مسلم شريف مع تكمله فتح الملهم 4:168) و فى التكملة: قوله: "والنامصات": ....وأکثر ما تفعله النساء فى الحواجب وأطراف الوجه ابتغاء للحسن والزينة’ وهو حرام بنص هذا الحديث. (7) A woman may use eyeliner, eye-shadow, mascara and lip liner etc as adornment for her husband. It is lawful. كما مر فى الجواب عن السؤال الثالث عن تكملة فتح الملهم 4:169 However, if the mascara is water proof i.e. it stops water to reach the hair then wudhu and ghusl shall not be lawful without removing it. (8) You may use the kajal of any company. However, if it is proved about any kajal with research that it contains any haram ingredient then it shall not be lawful to apply. And if there is only doubt then the use shall not be forbidden. However, if someone avoids it out of piety then it is better.

    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best

    Darul Ifta,

    Darul Uloom Deoband, India