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South Korea

Dear Mufti Sahib Assalam o Alikum! I am a researcher in a university in Pohang (a small city in south Korea). Here we have no local muslim community and masjid. Only few muslim students and scholars are present (from other countries) in the university (about 6 to 8). Some time even more or less because visiting scholars come here for a short time. Out of these muslims only 4 come for jumma prayer including me. My other three muslim friends (those who come for jumma prayer) offer jumma Khutba in English some even they say no word in Arabic except Bismillah. Please tell me if our Jumma prayer is valid under these circumstances or not. Some time there are only three persons for jumma prayer. My friends are of the view that jumma can be offered with three persons also. Please also tell me the minimum nember of persons required for validity of jumma prayer. This university is inside the city Pohang. Is Jumma compulsary here? One thing more I want to know is about the person who can lead jumma prayer. My friends have decided that jumma prayer will be lead by every one turn by turn. All other three friends of mine have no beard. They are very strict in their decision and do not want to even listen any body about it. I have told them that jumma prayer is valid only with Arabic Khutba and atleast with four persons but they are not ready to except it. Please tell me what should I do under these circumstances. Should I offer jumma with them or offer my Zuhar prayer alone. Jazakallah. Looking for an early reply in this regard. Wassalam Aman-ur-Rehman

Answer : 16965

Published on: Dec 21, 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 2051/1654/B=1430)


At least the presence of three muqtadis excluding Imam is wajib. As well as it is necessary for Khutba to be delivered in pure Arabic language. The Imam must be distinguished by the characteristics of Imamat i.e. the Imam should be more pious and God-fearing among all of them. Moreover, he should recite the holy Quran with perfection and should be aware of all the Masael of salah as well. And if your friends follow all these things in future, you can offer Jumuah with them, otherwise perform your Zuhar.

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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