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Nowadays people have abused the way of getting interest free personal loan from known person. They used to take it and promise to return it within stipulated time, but never turn out. I would like to know, whether it is permissible to give interest amount as an interest free personal loan to a needy person not eligible for zakah amount or not? In the above case, if they do not return it you are not at loss, but if they return it you can collect it and give it to another needy person without any intention to get rid of interest amount.

Answer : 155558

Published on: Dec 2, 2017

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 155/188/N=3/1439)


It is wajib to give in charity to the poor and needy ones the interest which one gets on the amount deposited in the bank, i.e. it is wajib to give the interest of bank to such a person who according to Shariah is not sahib-e-nisab rather he is destitute and very poor. In no way, it is lawful for one to use the interest money in one’s own needs. By giving money on debt, the moneylender does a favour on the debtor, and he earns fame in this way. Also one should pay the dues as soon as possible. Thus you cannot give the interest of bank as debt to some needy person, rather the money should be given to some poor without an intention of reward. However, if some needy person is poor then you may give the money into his complete possession without an intention of reward.


ويردونها على أربابها إن عرفوهم، وإلا تصدقوا بها؛ لأن سبيل الكسب الخبيث التصدق إذا تعذر الرد على صاحبه (رد المحتار، كتاب الحظر والإباحة، باب الاستبراء وغيره ، فصل فى البيع ، 9: 553)، قال شيخنا: ويستفاد من كتب فقهائنا كالهداية وغيرها: أن من ملك بملك خبيث ، ولم يمكنه الرد إلى المالك ، فسبيله التصدق على الفقراء ............، قال: والظاهر إن المتصدق بمثله ينبغي أن ينوي به فراغ ذمته ، ولا يرجو به المثوبة (معارف السنن، أبواب الطهارة، باب ماجاء: لا تقبل صلاة بغير طهور، 1: 34، ط: المكتبة الأشرفية ديوبند)، أفتى بعض أكابرنا أن للمسلم أن ياخذ الربا من أصحاب البنك أهل الحرب في دارهم ، ثم يتصدق به على الفقراء ولا يصرفه إلى حوائج نفسه (إعلاء السنن 14: 372، ط: ادارة القرآن والعلوم الاسلامية كراتشي).


Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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