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Assallam Alai Kum!!!!!!!! Our question is regarding division of property in islam according to shariah . There are 5 brothers and 5 sisters in a family, No lease or deed left by parents for division of property , Total of 44 cents out of which 12 cents were sold and money recieved was equally divided among brothers and sisters. Now we have another 22 cents where we believe there is no claim for sisters in the property as per shariah, now brothers want to divide the property among themselves , but sisters are not agreeing and are abusing the brothers for improper division. Sisters are not ready to accept shariah way , can you tell us how the property should be divided and how to settle this problem which we are comming accross?

Answer : 18583

Published on: Jan 4, 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 49/49/H=1431)


The entire property and wealth left by the parents will be distributed in 15 shares, and each son (your brothers) will get 2-2 shares and each daughter (sisters) will receive 1-1 share. All the wealth and property will be distributed in the same way.

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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