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I usually read your website and your Fatwas. I have one problem, please tell me the solution. I am currently staying at Abha (kingdom of Saudi Arabia), it is located 700 Km from Mecca.
I shaved my head on Eid al-Azha (7/11/2011), last Wednesday (7/12/2011) I visited Mecca to perform umrah.
I performed first umrah on Thursday at 4:00 am, then after performing my umrah I cut my hair 4 or 5 places around the head, (this day I met with one of the Jordanian, he suggest this idea and he performed in the same way. Then next umrah I performed on Friday 11 am, then I cut my hair 4 or 5 places around the head, (this day I thought to remove hair completely but I could not find time, my bus was waiting for me to leave Abha. When I discussed this issue with my friends they said "dam is wajib on you" so kindly do Qurbani for two animals in the Haram. Could you suggest the best way?

Answer : 36166

Published on: Jan 30, 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 368/205/H=1433)

Your shaved your head on 07/11/2011 and performed umrah after one month. Since, usually the hair do not grow in one month to a length that they reach equal to the tip of finger or more. So if the hair of head are too short to be cut equal to indicator finger then in such case in order to become halal from ihram it is not enough only to cut the hair of head, rather it is wajib to shave it. So, you performed umrah on 07/12/2011 and cut your hair from four or five places. You should know that cutting hair in this way is makrooh. However, you were not halal from the ihram of umrah and the next day you made intention of ihram for another umrah. It was not right to become halal from the first ihram, then wearing the second ihram caused a dam (slaughtering of an animal) and in the second umrah you cut your hair like before then also it was also not right to become halal from this ihram too. Thus this time too you remained in the state of ihram. As soon as you receive this fatwa, shave the complete head or get it shaved and offer three dam (one for the jinayah of wearing ihram of second umrah without being halal from the first one, and the second one for going out of haram boundary without being halal from second umrah and third one due to wearing stitched clothes). You should slaughter these dams in the boundary of Haram.
And if you committed any other jinayah between them like cutting nail, having intercourse etc then write it to us to know the Shariah rulings of the same.

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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