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I am 24 years old and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently in Turkey. I was a university student at USA that my father had sent me with his financial support. In my university time, I became more religious, started namaz, grew my beard, met tablighi brothers and etc. I do not want to finish university, as my father will only send me back if I cut/ trim my beard. My 2nd alternative was I can finish my university in Turkey instead, where I can grow my beard, but it will take extra 2 more years and in USA I only had 4 months left to graduate. The only thing that I really want to become is an Alim and I am currently in Turkey. I want to serve Islam through learning and preaching etc. I want to go to Darul Uloom in India or Pakistan or the most suitable one. But my father does not want me to go to a madrasa anywhere. He wants me to finish my university. Is it permissible for me to study madrasa in India, Pakistan or Turkey?

Answer : 37528

Published on: Mar 13, 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 36/30/N=1433)

If you can complete your university education maintaining your Shariah identity then it is better that first you complete it then go to seek religious education, so that the desire of your father comes true. And if there is no way to complete your education in Islamic lifestyle or your heart is not ready for it then too it is better that first you make your father ready for the same then start your religious education with his permission. In-shaAllah it shall bring too much barakah in your religious education. However in the question mentioned above you may also continue your religious education without the permission of your father it shall not be considered disobedience to parents:
(هدايت القرآن 5 : 61 – 63) وقال في روح المعاني (5 : 60) عن البلقيني الشافعي رحمة الله عليه في فتاواه : وأما سفره للعلم المتعين أو لفرض الكفاية فلا منع فيه وإن كان يمكنه التعلم في بلده خلافاً لمن اشترط ذلك لأنه قد يتوقع فى السفر فراغ قلب وإرشاد أستاذ ونحو ذلك اهـ وقواعدنا لا تأباه .
Note: The answer is correct. Before you start your journey towards India, Pakistan or Turkey for your religious education you would better first learn the admission rules and regulations and the detail of curriculum etc of the said country.

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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