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Is it possible for istikharah to change decisions over time for example if i prayed istikharah for a decision and it came out negative but then can i pray it again months later and then it comes out positive maybe because situations have change etc. The thing may not have been good at that time but now it is good for me?

Answer : 3938

Published on: May 26, 2008

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 453/411=L)


In istekharah if one gets a clear idea negatively then it is not better to perform istekharah again for the same purpose. Yes, if one does not get a clear idea then he or she can perform istekharah time and again. It is etiquette of istekharah to perform it when not preoccupied. One should not do it in case of preoccupation otherwise it may affect it and one may not reach to a right decision. So, if your heart tends to any side already then it is possible that you may not achieve the objective of istekharah:

قال ابن أبی جمرۃ الوارد علی القلب علی مراتب ? فالثلاثۃ الأول لا یواخذ بھا بخلاف الثلاث الأخیرۃ فقولہ اذا ھم یشیر الی أنہ اول ما یرد علی القلب فستخیر فیظھر لہ ببرکۃ الصلاۃ والدعاء ما ھو الخیر بخلاف اذا تمکن الأمر عندہ و قویت عزیمتہ فیہ فانہ یصیر الیہ میل و حب فیخشی أن یخفی علیہ وجہ الأرشدیۃ لغلبۃ میلہ الیہ۔ (مرقاۃ: 3/206، امدادیہ، باکستان)

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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